Sunday, April 18, 2010

Week 17 of 52

Having had the extra week to play with I took lots of images to remind me of Spain, as well as the wildlife shots I took.  You see thinking ahead ;)

So this weeks theme is Up Close, so mainly close up and macro shots used here. 
Speaking of small details, as I mentioned before a few small changes have been made to my photography website - now you can browse with the arrow keys and I have cleaned up the site a little more.  I may still change the layout of the gallery for something more...   ...interesting.  I was tempted to add a slideshow (perhaps I still will) but I really want it clean, simple and user friendly.

I have also been working on designing and adding a watermark to my images, as someone suggested they are likely to be stolen or used without permission.  I too believe they are now of a standard worth protecting.  So please let me know what you think about the new watermark.
Whilst improving one site I started playing with my blog site as well.  I have now unified the posts a little more; My ramblings & musings, Interesting info, My 52 project, Random stuff, hopefully this will help you navigate the posts a little better ;)

Having just watched the new keynote update due for the iPhone - Steve Jobs previewed HTML5 which will basically replace Flash (at least on the Mac front), so all those who are afraid to buy the iPad for fear your site wont show up, not long to wait now ;)
I must also add they really are setting the bar high for their mobile competitors, the iPhone now has multitasking.

On another note: it may turn out that I have even more time available in Spain, as a volcano has erupted and grounded all flights until further notice - initial feedback says until Monday others say for further week.  My suitcase on the other hand finally got sent off, so that may arrive before I do!! 
There was a small hiccup with the company, but that's sorted now (nothings ever simple). 
Really you couldn't make this stuff up!

Anyway back to the shots I took...    ...the chosen one is HERE as for the rest see below


Em said...

Great shots as usual. I'm enjoying looking at the pics on Flickr and trying to second-guess which one you picked as your favourite, before I check!

Re the watermark - I like the design, but I wonder if the positioning might not help avoid people using them without permission. If they download the pics and crop them just a little bit, aren't they going to be able to simply chop off the watermark? Much as I don't like pics on the net with a watermark straight across the middle, I can see why they do it.

Fingers crossed you only end up maybe getting Week 18 in before finally making it to the UK, despite the best efforts of Icelandic volcanoes. Here's hoping the pointless hanging around doesn't go on too much longer.

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