Saturday, April 24, 2010

Week 18 & 19

As my flight had gotten cancelled and I was in Madrid, I thought I may as well make the most of it.  So armed with my trusty camera I went on a mission to capture buildings and monuments for the next two week's challenges.

One of the most famous buildings in Madrid is Plaza de Toros, Las Ventas (the bullring).  Now I'm not a fan of bullfighting so I never went inside although I do hear it is quite impressive, the bullring that is not the fighting.  Bulfighting is still popular here in Spain, although it is losing favour; especially with the younger crowd.

Churches are also very common in Spain and each town or village will lay claim that their church is the most important in the area.  You really can throw a stick and hit a church in most places (please do NOT go around throwing sticks at churches!)
Madrid does have some wonderful architecture in and around it - I could probably fill a month with different shots of weird and wonderful buildings.
On the way home we found some abandoned buildings so they got in on the act too.
To see the chosen shot click HERE

At this point I am going to get a week ahead of myself, as I should be back in the UK when this week is due to be done and I still don't know about internet connections there. 
So as for week 19, sculptures were the subjects. 

Looking for interesting statues is not difficult they too are everywhere as are the many fountains.  Spain is a great place to capture on film.  What I tried to do with this subject was to capture what encapsulated Spain: religion, pilgrims, and or course bulls.
This helped me keep a clear view of what I was looking for, rather than just random statues.
Below is the selection that I have chosen, of course like the buildings I did take more but opted for the more interesting and unusual shots.
To see the chosen shot click HERE

On top of those shots I also squeezed in some beautiful (in my opinion) pictures of Ariadna in a pretty dress she has for someone's Communion.  Those shots can be found by going to my Flickr page and seeing them there, again feel free to leave comments on ANY of my photos ;) 


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