Sunday, May 30, 2010

Week 22 of 52

Having been busy beavering away on the business side of things and trying to sort some personal matters my photography has took a hit of late.  So I was keen to get my mojo back and do something more interesting and engaging.

I had bought a light tent some time back and still hadn't gotten around to using it, we needed some commercial shots for the website, we want some hi-key shots and I needed a challenge, so with all that in mind I went down to the supermarket and bought some fruit and veg and got creative.

Luckily Hussian was available and came round to help me with the shots - his understanding of lighting helped immensely.  So we got cracking and tried a variety of shots using a mix of fruits.
All in all I am very happy with the images and hope that I can get back on course with my project.

The chosen shot can be seen HERE

Week 22 - HI-KEY

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Week 21 of 52

Being back in my old neck of the woods, felt familiar but also very different.  Looking around I could see so much had changed, and not for the better.  My old playing field was now a car park, my old stomping ground for exploring and climbing trees etc was now a housing estate.
The town centre shops had been replaced with pound stores, cash converters and charity shops, you can tell its a bad economy when even half the pubs have closed!
This didn't instill much confidence in me for our business venture, the one thing it did tell me is our advertising has to go further a field to be successful.

Its hard not having Sandra and Pitu at my side, having that support and assistance to keep me on track.  The weather has been nice recently, but I'm lacking the drive to make the most of it, not feeling inspired much at all.  I think this is just a dark cloud over me at the moment and looking for that ray of light.
The business side is forging ahead, Hussian and I have a clear direction and a few ideas in the bag.

So given the above and my state of mind, my 52 is obviously struggling as a consequence.  I don't feel this does my photography much justice and I know I can do better.  After spending a while in the local woodland and around the Wrekin, this is what I have to show.

The chosen shot is HERE

Week 21- FLORA & FAUNA

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Stepping stones

Things have been moving along quite nicely with Newdawn-Photography.  Over the past week, I have kept myself busy by designing the brand, the blog and general design for website, and I must say I'm very happy so far.

Huss has given guidance and input to help refine the ideas, which is where we compliment each other so well.  We have ensured all our paperwork is current and details correct.  The next step is the business bank account and then looking into basic book keeping courses.

The business cards have been designed and awaiting delivery; (see above) this is the details side, on the reverse we will have our images of portraits, weddings or products.
All the usual social networks group accounts have been made and linked accordingly as well as working on the blog; of course all this is the behind the scenes stuff for Newdawn-Photography.
On top of all that we have done a small marketing campaign, which has generated quite a bit of interest, securing us some weddings.  We did have a query about adult photography, but not an area we wish to explore, right now ;)

We are aiming for the full launch of Newdawn-Photography by the end of the month all being well.

As for my housing situation, thats a REALLY slow process and not much headway being made at all.
Missing Sandra and Pitu and even though we have Skype (and a bad webcam) its just not the same, I'm sure me being away for so long is taking its toll on them too, afterall whats not to love ;)

Sunday, May 09, 2010

And so it starts

On Saturday Hussian and I did our first 'proper' photo shoot together, for clients! 
It was a family with 2 boys.  As we are also shooting their wedding there was added pressure to do well.  Hussian took the lead on this venture for 2 reasons, first off he knew the couple already and second he had the better equipment using the Canon 7D rather than my Canon 450D (his is a better camera, and one I'm keen to get) that said I take nothing away from Hussian's shots.

The setup was a little more involved that I would have liked for the shoot, but I think that's because I'm more used to natural light shots and good old England decided to rain so that option was out.  Meaning we needed to setup up an in-house studio and lighting.  Luckily the family were easy going and understood what we were trying to achieve with the shots.

As Hussian was focussed on the photography I worked on the refining, angles, shapes and small details - just as important to any shot, surprising what a big difference it makes.
The boys, well were boys and did themselves proud.  We had a nice mixed variety of shots, but it was obvious the novelty wears off quick, so working fast is key.  I think we handled the kids well, giving them things to do and being very interactive with them.

I am looking forward to the wedding and I can see Nic (the wife-to-be) will make a beautiful bride.  I am under no illusions however just how much work is involved in it.
In order to do the best I can I have been training myself and learning as much as possible about posing, positions and layouts which no doubt will show itself in my upcoming photos.

As for New Dawn Photography the company, headway is being made and within the month aim to have the website, photos and other bits and pieces in place for you to contact us through or simply follow our progress.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Week 20 of 52

After all my recent exploits I did manage to actually continue shooting for my 52 project!
Some I had already in the bag, from just before I left Spain and some I captured here in England.  Whilst out and about on my travels with Hussian, we came across a wonderful skull of what looked like a badgers.

So we set about lighting it from various angles and shooting away, as I knew the kind of shot I wanted I stuck with the natural light setup and opted for Black and White post processing to fit my weeks theme.
We shot some horses, not literally of course, some nature shots and I also got to try out the 7D (my next camera) and boy what a difference; makes mine feel like a toy :(

Whilst taking my shots not only am I looking for interest but also what would appeal to peoples imagination, get them to stop for a while, examine the image closer. 
The way I'm approaching this is what makes me stop and look, or better yet, look again. 
What makes me curious and cries out for closer inspection.  What shapes catch my eye and how do they lend themselves to the image.
The skull whilst grizzly and nasty is also interesting, as are the shapes which were simply a square grill outside a police station, but the way the sun was forming alternate shapes, changing squares into pyramids made me stop and capture it, and it does play with my eyes and perception of what it is and what the shapes are, squares or triangles?

Hopefully you enjoy them too and find something to make you look that little closer ;)

The images are as usual below and the chosen one is HERE


The road is long...

Well its been a busy week!  The flight was delayed, the train was expensive, the trip was long and the week rather lonely.
Hussian has been a great help and support, which is really nice, dont think I could have coped without it - first plane back was tempting.  I met up with some past friends and was glad to see that apart from balding heads not much else had changed about them.  We reminisced for a while, then time was cracking on so we all went our seperate ways, but will keep much more in contact now than we had done.

In the course of moving here I have managed to sprain my wrist which is not nice, and picking up the simplest of things makes my wince like a girl. 
I have managed to get some photography done with Hussian, which was nice, and we have a photo shoot on Saturday.  I don't want to be bogged down with a job I don't want, but I understand it may be a necessary evil.  In order to avoid that I want to crack on with the business I have in mind, and now I have the net sorted this will help immensely.

I have already been accosted by my past hauntings demanding things from and of me; which I'm sorry to say, they are not important at this stage and will have to wait until I'm on my feet, before I even consider responding to them.

Its my birthday today and very quiet lonely day its been.  Hussian and i went out for a bit and chatted about business.  I got bought a bottle of whiskey but after my last bottle I think best left alone :-S 
I dont recall how old I am, but I must be close to thirty by now!?
One thing that was nice was finally getting back online and seeing all those Facebook messages and well wishes from friends all over the globe ;)

I also got to have a Skype video chat with Pitu and Sandra which was really nice but at the same time hard.
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