Sunday, May 09, 2010

And so it starts

On Saturday Hussian and I did our first 'proper' photo shoot together, for clients! 
It was a family with 2 boys.  As we are also shooting their wedding there was added pressure to do well.  Hussian took the lead on this venture for 2 reasons, first off he knew the couple already and second he had the better equipment using the Canon 7D rather than my Canon 450D (his is a better camera, and one I'm keen to get) that said I take nothing away from Hussian's shots.

The setup was a little more involved that I would have liked for the shoot, but I think that's because I'm more used to natural light shots and good old England decided to rain so that option was out.  Meaning we needed to setup up an in-house studio and lighting.  Luckily the family were easy going and understood what we were trying to achieve with the shots.

As Hussian was focussed on the photography I worked on the refining, angles, shapes and small details - just as important to any shot, surprising what a big difference it makes.
The boys, well were boys and did themselves proud.  We had a nice mixed variety of shots, but it was obvious the novelty wears off quick, so working fast is key.  I think we handled the kids well, giving them things to do and being very interactive with them.

I am looking forward to the wedding and I can see Nic (the wife-to-be) will make a beautiful bride.  I am under no illusions however just how much work is involved in it.
In order to do the best I can I have been training myself and learning as much as possible about posing, positions and layouts which no doubt will show itself in my upcoming photos.

As for New Dawn Photography the company, headway is being made and within the month aim to have the website, photos and other bits and pieces in place for you to contact us through or simply follow our progress.


Andytgeezer said...

Great stuff Dade! Congratulations!

By the way if you want a bit of exposure, why not join our collective and shoot pics of carnival with us?

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