Tuesday, May 04, 2010

The road is long...

Well its been a busy week!  The flight was delayed, the train was expensive, the trip was long and the week rather lonely.
Hussian has been a great help and support, which is really nice, dont think I could have coped without it - first plane back was tempting.  I met up with some past friends and was glad to see that apart from balding heads not much else had changed about them.  We reminisced for a while, then time was cracking on so we all went our seperate ways, but will keep much more in contact now than we had done.

In the course of moving here I have managed to sprain my wrist which is not nice, and picking up the simplest of things makes my wince like a girl. 
I have managed to get some photography done with Hussian, which was nice, and we have a photo shoot on Saturday.  I don't want to be bogged down with a job I don't want, but I understand it may be a necessary evil.  In order to avoid that I want to crack on with the business I have in mind, and now I have the net sorted this will help immensely.

I have already been accosted by my past hauntings demanding things from and of me; which I'm sorry to say, they are not important at this stage and will have to wait until I'm on my feet, before I even consider responding to them.

Its my birthday today and very quiet lonely day its been.  Hussian and i went out for a bit and chatted about business.  I got bought a bottle of whiskey but after my last bottle I think best left alone :-S 
I dont recall how old I am, but I must be close to thirty by now!?
One thing that was nice was finally getting back online and seeing all those Facebook messages and well wishes from friends all over the globe ;)

I also got to have a Skype video chat with Pitu and Sandra which was really nice but at the same time hard.


Em said...

Welcome back to the real (virtual) world!
A bit of whirlwind mishmash of a return week, then. Must be strange to be back.
Friends are good - hang on to them! (Though apparently not by the hair!)
At least spraining your wrist gave you (another) excuse not to pick up the bottle of whisky and there were other people toasting your birthday anyway.
Good luck with the work, settling in and not letting the past affect the future.

4 mins left of your birthday - just time for one little drink?!!!


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