Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Week 20 of 52

After all my recent exploits I did manage to actually continue shooting for my 52 project!
Some I had already in the bag, from just before I left Spain and some I captured here in England.  Whilst out and about on my travels with Hussian, we came across a wonderful skull of what looked like a badgers.

So we set about lighting it from various angles and shooting away, as I knew the kind of shot I wanted I stuck with the natural light setup and opted for Black and White post processing to fit my weeks theme.
We shot some horses, not literally of course, some nature shots and I also got to try out the 7D (my next camera) and boy what a difference; makes mine feel like a toy :(

Whilst taking my shots not only am I looking for interest but also what would appeal to peoples imagination, get them to stop for a while, examine the image closer. 
The way I'm approaching this is what makes me stop and look, or better yet, look again. 
What makes me curious and cries out for closer inspection.  What shapes catch my eye and how do they lend themselves to the image.
The skull whilst grizzly and nasty is also interesting, as are the shapes which were simply a square grill outside a police station, but the way the sun was forming alternate shapes, changing squares into pyramids made me stop and capture it, and it does play with my eyes and perception of what it is and what the shapes are, squares or triangles?

Hopefully you enjoy them too and find something to make you look that little closer ;)

The images are as usual below and the chosen one is HERE



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