Sunday, June 27, 2010

Week 24, 25 & 26

As I'm sure you are aware, I have slipped slightly with my 52.  I have been taking shots but nothing I was happy with, although I have been ensured they were of suitable quality I just weren't liking them, partly because my heart was not in it.
I have a too many trails and tribulations to deal with currently and as a consequence I was unable to do anything.  So I have resigned myself to focusing on one thing at a time and only dealing with other things when I am in a position to do so; thanks to family and friends for the advice and support.
I am now feeling much better about moving forward and have revisited my shots and worked with the ones I thought had some merit.

Week 24's theme was: Historic.  So I went over to Shrewsbury as it is steeped in history and has a castle of its own to photograph.  The day was very nice and it was good to see that Shrewsbury hadn't lost its charm.  Although the cost of the rail fair did put me off somewhat.
Chosen shot can be seen HERE


For Week 25, I chose wedding details as I hadn't shot a complete wedding and this was my task for the wedding along with co-ordinating and taking candid images.  Huss taken care of the formal and group images.  It was a splendid day and one I am very pleased to have been apart of.
We have a wide choice of images and selecting the ones for my 52 was tough so I don't envy the bride trying to decide which images she wants to keep.
Chosen shot can be seen HERE


AND FINALLY.....  ..The half way point, Week 26.
I wasn't sure I was going to be able to get this far to be honest, but I have made it and it was no easy task I can tell you.  So far I have had a wide mix of style and types of shots along with a wide variety of subjects.  I am pleased to say I can see a progression in my photography looking back, although i need a little more thought into my creative shots as they had slipped away.

So what could I do for this week, well I need to be able to work in daylight, with and without flash so that's what I did.  In order to understand and use it better I asked Sandra if she would mind being my next top model and we headed off to a park which would be great for wedding and portrait shots.
I got here to pose and dropped in flash where needed as the midday sun was strong and high in the sky.  I played with direction, poses and angles and I am happy with the outcome to be honest.
But why not judge for yourselves, the chosen shot can be seen HERE


Monday, June 21, 2010

Stuff and Nonsense

I know I'm behind on my 52, dont worry I will catch up, I'm almost at the half way point and it would be foolish to fail now, but my mojo is lacking big time!

I took a trip to Shrewsbury, which cost far more than I recall, nearly £10 for a return ticket to somewhere which is 10 miles away.  I was amazed it costs so much, hardly surprising more people wont give up their cars when the rail networks charge such ridiculous prices.  More of the same can be seen when I came to check tickets to pick up Sandra and Pitu from the airport, if you book way in advance you pay £28 but close to or on the day you could end up paying from £58 to £150!!!  Really it would be cheaper to hire a car and have less of the hassle of charging trains, missing connections and struggling up and down stairs with suitcases.

Anyhoo, Pitu and Sandra have arrived and I will no doubt be busy with them for a while as they are visiting for 10 days before they return to Spain.  The weather so far has been good, lets hope it remains that way.

Hussian and I shot a wedding recently, I was there as backup and Hussian did the work, I simply helped out and caught some candid shots; great practise for me.  As far as the business goes, its a slow uphill struggle, but headway is being made.  Looks like a while before we will have a studio though. 

I have managed to speak with China on Facebook and sadly it's all I can manage at this point, I hope to have this resolved soon too; lots of work to be done!   

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Week 23 of 52

Trying to squeeze this project in amongst other things is not easy. I cant seem to find my mojo :(
Although I have been working hard at getting the Newdawn website up and running and getting all the required information within the site, current.  For 2 days running I went to sleep at gone 4am trying to fix something I knew could be done, even though forums were saying otherwise.  But I did it, time well spent; I don't like to fail!

I am still finding it difficult to have access to see China, although I did get to chat with her on FB, but now that too seems to have caused problems.  I have been keeping in touch with Sandra and we are both finding it harder than we thought we would (at least I am).
For a while, due to pressures, I have not been the best I could be to her and this must change in order to have a future together - I have made that commitment.
Hopefully it wont be too long now and they can join me here - hopefully with a flourishing business.

Well as the theme this week is 'industrial' where better to go than the birth place of the industrial revolution - The Ironbridge Gorge.  Sadly I picked the wrong day as it rained constantly, (you know the kind, the one that gets you wet) not great.
I did manage to get some shots in, although to be honest I'm not impressed with my shots of the bridge, in particular.  Perhaps it was the weather, but they just don't work as I would have liked, anyhoo...

The chosen shot can be seen HERE

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