Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Week 23 of 52

Trying to squeeze this project in amongst other things is not easy. I cant seem to find my mojo :(
Although I have been working hard at getting the Newdawn website up and running and getting all the required information within the site, current.  For 2 days running I went to sleep at gone 4am trying to fix something I knew could be done, even though forums were saying otherwise.  But I did it, time well spent; I don't like to fail!

I am still finding it difficult to have access to see China, although I did get to chat with her on FB, but now that too seems to have caused problems.  I have been keeping in touch with Sandra and we are both finding it harder than we thought we would (at least I am).
For a while, due to pressures, I have not been the best I could be to her and this must change in order to have a future together - I have made that commitment.
Hopefully it wont be too long now and they can join me here - hopefully with a flourishing business.

Well as the theme this week is 'industrial' where better to go than the birth place of the industrial revolution - The Ironbridge Gorge.  Sadly I picked the wrong day as it rained constantly, (you know the kind, the one that gets you wet) not great.
I did manage to get some shots in, although to be honest I'm not impressed with my shots of the bridge, in particular.  Perhaps it was the weather, but they just don't work as I would have liked, anyhoo...

The chosen shot can be seen HERE

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