Thursday, July 29, 2010

The mouse is dead!

For years now we having been using mice to navigate around our computer screens.  Typically having to replace them maybe once a year or more often in some cases.  The first mice were constantly getting gunk trapped on the wheels as you then removed the ball inside to clean them. 
Then came optical mice, great no more messy ball and clean scrolling, perfect.  But wait, not so great as it all depended on what surface you used, as reflective surfaces or glass didnt work so well, and you were always limited by the cable, so along came the wireless mouse.
Step by step the mouse has improved but not much.  Then came along Apple's Magic mouse they had cracked it, I thought.  A nice touch sensitive mouse, but Apple being Apple didnt stop there, oh no!!!!

Now they have released the replacement of the mouse forever, thats right!!!  BEHOLD THE MAGIC TRACKPAD.  OK the name sucks, im sure they could have done better, but its genius!
It looks the part and it does exactly what the trackpad does on all good Macbooks and is so simple to use.  You can single click, double click, use two-finger scrolling, pinch to zoom, rotate with your fingertips, three-finger swipe, and activate Exposé or switch between applications with four fingers.  Lets see the mouse bounce back from that.  Long live the track pad ;)

Monday, July 12, 2010

To make or not remake

So I have just watched The Karate Kid and The A-Team, both blasts from the past and remakes.  
So what did I think?  For me, The Karate Kid just didn't work this time round.  I never connected with the characters or felt the plight of Jaden Smith as I did with poor Danielsan.  Jackie Chan playing the mild mannered Janitor (aka Mr Miyagi) was OK and given Jackie's skill it was good to see some of it back in action without the Hollywood glam.

The reality is this film was Jaden's showcase, no more no less.  He is talented, he has the mannerisms of his father and Im sure has a promising career as he can act.  But the film being a remake just didn't work to my mind - the fact it's 'The Karate Kid' and they openly keep saying he's being taught Kung Fu seems ludicrous, its a typical storyline and they could have simply adapted it.

On a positive note - I did enjoy the part at the temple, where you got to see some classic Kung Fu, including a cameo of Michelle Yeoh and a cobra training (Kobra Kai reference??)
It took too long to establish characters and get the film moving at a suitable pace - one part of any movie that typically gets me going is that: pick yourself up and train moment, you know the kind like they have in the Rocky films - where Adrian says "win Rocky, Win!" the music builds and he goes on a training rampage with montage shots.  Sadly in this movie (although I did like the shadow puppet Kung Fu training) it didn't stir me at all  :(

On the other hand, The A-Team, this was pretty cool.  My expectations were low and I wasn't really feeling Liam Neeson as Hannibal but the film itself worked.  Nothing amazing just enough cheese, adrenaline rushed, bullet flying, weak plot twisting to keep me watching.
The first 45 mins were good, I liked the setup, the pace dropped somewhat, but overall it was watchable - and to be honest right now from Hollywood I expect little else.
Murdock for me made the film, just the right amount of crazy and great line delivery.
The plot was thin, riddled with mistakes and they did the cheesy building stuff from nothing - all what you expect from this film, nothing more or less ;)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Week 28 - Sweet

I thought this would be easy, go the shop buy a few sweets and snap away.  Thats what I did, I also didn't much like the results.  I played with a few ideas and considered a few options - I tried to get arty, but weren't happy with the images, tried being clever but didn't have the skill to pull it off, tried shouting at the products; that didn't help either :-S

Anyway I cracked on and took the following shots I was at least OK with.  Jelly Babies are no longer the cool looking sweets they used to be - bring back the original Jelly Babies!
OK, so it was an excuse to grab some sweeties, but my creative edge was evading me and I wasn't happy with much I set up.  I did try catching an M&M bouncing but couldn't get a shot I was happy with :(

Anyhoo the shots I took are below enjoy
and the chosen shot can be seen HERE

Week 28: SWEET

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Week 27 of 52

As you would have previously read, I had to take a trip to London to see my ladies back off to Spain.  Whilst there I had a quick look around for inspiration.  The place is bursting with opportunities for photography everywhere you look.

My theme for the week was Authority so I had to choose my shots, but I captured the typical images of London too, and why not.  It was great to be back in London, far more interesting than I recalled. 

I decided against going for the obvious authority figures being Police officers, mainly because the issue they typically have with photographers, plus they were armed!
The soldiers looked splendid and were happy to pose, well I say that, they had no choice as they couldn't move.  The poor guys must feel like chimps in a zoo with everyone wanted to be near them and photograph them.  Still they do make great shots.  

Oh I nearly forgot to mention, an image of mine (flaming shot) has been used by a American rock group - now thats Rock 'n' Roll. ;) 

The chosen image can be found HERE


Friday, July 02, 2010

Gone but not forgotten

Sandra and Pitu returned to Spain again today :'(
Hopefully though the next time I see them we should be together for good.  It does mean I have my work cut out though: house, job, income, security, stability and need to be sorted within a few months, no pressure then.

Today was Sandra's birthday (I wont say how old she is, but welcome to the club), not sure if it was a good gift to be leaving the UK or not?!  It was really nice to see them again and have the support around.  Pitu is rapidly growing and speaking more Spanish than I understand, grrrrr.  But she is very funny, dont know where she gets that from?  Pitu is so lucky, she has been on a plane, many trains, and to another country and she's not even two, I was over 20 when I first went abroad. 

The trip to and from the airport were long and sweaty ones, yuck!!!  I did forget though just how much I liked London though for the sheer variety of...  ...well everything.  Yes its crowded and bustling, the tubes are crammed and its expensive but it is such a cool place to just BE.

Sandra was keen to go sight-seeing so we did that and she was like a Japanese tourist (no offence meant to Japanese tourists, but you know what I mean) - so funny, of course I took my turn to grab a few shots too - there are SO many photo opportunities in London.  

Sadly with all the excitement of Sandra coming over I forgot to do something really important, oops!!!
That may come back to haunt me later.  Hey ho, I have more than enough things to worry about and organise as it is.
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