Friday, July 02, 2010

Gone but not forgotten

Sandra and Pitu returned to Spain again today :'(
Hopefully though the next time I see them we should be together for good.  It does mean I have my work cut out though: house, job, income, security, stability and need to be sorted within a few months, no pressure then.

Today was Sandra's birthday (I wont say how old she is, but welcome to the club), not sure if it was a good gift to be leaving the UK or not?!  It was really nice to see them again and have the support around.  Pitu is rapidly growing and speaking more Spanish than I understand, grrrrr.  But she is very funny, dont know where she gets that from?  Pitu is so lucky, she has been on a plane, many trains, and to another country and she's not even two, I was over 20 when I first went abroad. 

The trip to and from the airport were long and sweaty ones, yuck!!!  I did forget though just how much I liked London though for the sheer variety of...  ...well everything.  Yes its crowded and bustling, the tubes are crammed and its expensive but it is such a cool place to just BE.

Sandra was keen to go sight-seeing so we did that and she was like a Japanese tourist (no offence meant to Japanese tourists, but you know what I mean) - so funny, of course I took my turn to grab a few shots too - there are SO many photo opportunities in London.  

Sadly with all the excitement of Sandra coming over I forgot to do something really important, oops!!!
That may come back to haunt me later.  Hey ho, I have more than enough things to worry about and organise as it is.


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