Thursday, July 29, 2010

The mouse is dead!

For years now we having been using mice to navigate around our computer screens.  Typically having to replace them maybe once a year or more often in some cases.  The first mice were constantly getting gunk trapped on the wheels as you then removed the ball inside to clean them. 
Then came optical mice, great no more messy ball and clean scrolling, perfect.  But wait, not so great as it all depended on what surface you used, as reflective surfaces or glass didnt work so well, and you were always limited by the cable, so along came the wireless mouse.
Step by step the mouse has improved but not much.  Then came along Apple's Magic mouse they had cracked it, I thought.  A nice touch sensitive mouse, but Apple being Apple didnt stop there, oh no!!!!

Now they have released the replacement of the mouse forever, thats right!!!  BEHOLD THE MAGIC TRACKPAD.  OK the name sucks, im sure they could have done better, but its genius!
It looks the part and it does exactly what the trackpad does on all good Macbooks and is so simple to use.  You can single click, double click, use two-finger scrolling, pinch to zoom, rotate with your fingertips, three-finger swipe, and activate Exposé or switch between applications with four fingers.  Lets see the mouse bounce back from that.  Long live the track pad ;)


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