Monday, July 12, 2010

To make or not remake

So I have just watched The Karate Kid and The A-Team, both blasts from the past and remakes.  
So what did I think?  For me, The Karate Kid just didn't work this time round.  I never connected with the characters or felt the plight of Jaden Smith as I did with poor Danielsan.  Jackie Chan playing the mild mannered Janitor (aka Mr Miyagi) was OK and given Jackie's skill it was good to see some of it back in action without the Hollywood glam.

The reality is this film was Jaden's showcase, no more no less.  He is talented, he has the mannerisms of his father and Im sure has a promising career as he can act.  But the film being a remake just didn't work to my mind - the fact it's 'The Karate Kid' and they openly keep saying he's being taught Kung Fu seems ludicrous, its a typical storyline and they could have simply adapted it.

On a positive note - I did enjoy the part at the temple, where you got to see some classic Kung Fu, including a cameo of Michelle Yeoh and a cobra training (Kobra Kai reference??)
It took too long to establish characters and get the film moving at a suitable pace - one part of any movie that typically gets me going is that: pick yourself up and train moment, you know the kind like they have in the Rocky films - where Adrian says "win Rocky, Win!" the music builds and he goes on a training rampage with montage shots.  Sadly in this movie (although I did like the shadow puppet Kung Fu training) it didn't stir me at all  :(

On the other hand, The A-Team, this was pretty cool.  My expectations were low and I wasn't really feeling Liam Neeson as Hannibal but the film itself worked.  Nothing amazing just enough cheese, adrenaline rushed, bullet flying, weak plot twisting to keep me watching.
The first 45 mins were good, I liked the setup, the pace dropped somewhat, but overall it was watchable - and to be honest right now from Hollywood I expect little else.
Murdock for me made the film, just the right amount of crazy and great line delivery.
The plot was thin, riddled with mistakes and they did the cheesy building stuff from nothing - all what you expect from this film, nothing more or less ;)


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