Saturday, July 03, 2010

Week 27 of 52

As you would have previously read, I had to take a trip to London to see my ladies back off to Spain.  Whilst there I had a quick look around for inspiration.  The place is bursting with opportunities for photography everywhere you look.

My theme for the week was Authority so I had to choose my shots, but I captured the typical images of London too, and why not.  It was great to be back in London, far more interesting than I recalled. 

I decided against going for the obvious authority figures being Police officers, mainly because the issue they typically have with photographers, plus they were armed!
The soldiers looked splendid and were happy to pose, well I say that, they had no choice as they couldn't move.  The poor guys must feel like chimps in a zoo with everyone wanted to be near them and photograph them.  Still they do make great shots.  

Oh I nearly forgot to mention, an image of mine (flaming shot) has been used by a American rock group - now thats Rock 'n' Roll. ;) 

The chosen image can be found HERE



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