Sunday, July 11, 2010

Week 28 - Sweet

I thought this would be easy, go the shop buy a few sweets and snap away.  Thats what I did, I also didn't much like the results.  I played with a few ideas and considered a few options - I tried to get arty, but weren't happy with the images, tried being clever but didn't have the skill to pull it off, tried shouting at the products; that didn't help either :-S

Anyway I cracked on and took the following shots I was at least OK with.  Jelly Babies are no longer the cool looking sweets they used to be - bring back the original Jelly Babies!
OK, so it was an excuse to grab some sweeties, but my creative edge was evading me and I wasn't happy with much I set up.  I did try catching an M&M bouncing but couldn't get a shot I was happy with :(

Anyhoo the shots I took are below enjoy
and the chosen shot can be seen HERE

Week 28: SWEET


Em said...

Why do I find the idea of you shouting at a table full of sweets very amusing?! Jelly Babies definitely don't look they used to and presumably they also don't shout back.

Did you get to buy "a quarter of" or stuck with grams?

Cool shots though, not as impressive as some of your previous stuff, but good nonetheless. Liked the M&Ms.

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