Saturday, August 28, 2010

Week 34 of 52

Whilst experimenting and taking pictures using our Hi-lite background I struck upon an idea for my next 52 project. As the theme is POSED, what better than me posing, but not just a pose or two, oh no, that's way too easy. I want 100 different poses!!!

So I got to work thinking about what faces, expressions and emotions I could use. I decided for this project I didn't want to use props, like hats etc (i have enough of them), instead only use my face and hands, that should offer enough variety. I then began by going through the usual emotions - happy, sad, grumpy, sneezy, sleepy - yes, I did use the 7 dwarves as a reference point. Then I got a little more creative and started working on a flow from one image to the next. I also decided to use movies, music and whatever I could think of for inspiration as well as using my own many crazy faces.

I was lucky enough that Hussian was available to take the actual shots, which saved me running backwards and forwards to the camera. So we set up what we needed and began snapping away. Huss added in ideas as we went along which kept the project alive and fun, amidst the laughter and frivolity we did manage to get plenty of shots. We then got to a point where both our minds went blank (no smart comments) we called it a day, with around 140 images in the bag. Typical, that once we had finished and packed everything away I suddenly thought of maybe 20 more options, maybe for another day?

Anyway, as I have 100 images I wont be uploading them all. Instead, you will see the finished project below.
enjoy :)

Week 34 - POSED

Friday, August 27, 2010

Smile for the camera

I'm always keen to learn new things and push myself in some way. Typically it's in a creative role or experimenting in something 'free'. I don't work well with constraints and rules so much ;)
That's not to say I'm lazy, but I do prefer practise to theory and rarely read manuals.
I do love watching the likes of Gok Wan and especially his approach to 'natural women' and 'looking good naked'. The way he approaches the subject and people, what he accomplishes in a short time period and the shift in attitudes, all very clever and effective.

One thing he does, is he forces people to see themselves as they really are, and then learn to be comfortable with that realisation. Having clients in front of the camera is very similar, in so-much-as most people don't like having their photo taken for a multitude of reasons. Your comfort is key to me and I want to get you as comfortable as possible with the camera, so I can get those wonderful shots. 
I know its hard to relax and you judge yourselves, because I do it too. I'm not handsome, I have moles, I don't like my teeth, but that aside, I have a fun-loving personality as you will see in the next post, or a sneak peek can be seen by going to the newdawn photography site, and this is what I want to capture on camera, not your imperfections.

For those of you that know me, know I am tactile, crazy and emotive. This is carried over into my photography, I like to get a feel for the shots, my subjects to have fun, enjoy it and keep it fresh and organic. When I'm out on a photo-shoot I'm always looking for a WOW image, that one shot that really stands out, where all the pieces of the jigsaw fall into place; the location, the light, the subject, the expression, the angle etc.

So in my portfolio, I'm currently looking for boundaries to be pushed, creativity to flow and I'm experimenting in lots of different ways. I would like to get to shoot some extreme models and I would love to do a vintage photo-shoot at a 1950's train station, so if you're available or know of anyone, point them my way, or if you happen to know of a great location, email me ;)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Week 33 of 52

This weeks theme presented a new challenge for me, each week is a challenge in its own right but this one was special.  The theme was OBJECT, and to make it tougher I decided I could only use one object.  Typically I go out and shoot several variations on the theme and get something I like from one shot or another.  This time however having only one object to shoot made me have to be more creative with what little I had!
I wanted something I could do a variety of shots and angles with, and my love for colour was also a factor, so I thought about using a slinky!

When I was in Spain I looked for one, but no one really knew what I was after - they just laughed at the crazy English man.  Being back in the UK, a quick trip to the toy store and a pound later I had what I needed.  But rather than simply shooting the slinky I played with it a little and worked the abstract nature of it more, as I felt it made for more interesting images.

So here is the CHOSEN IMAGE

Week 33 - OBJECT

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Talented DJ

I love talent, variety, quirky, different and amusing acts - this one ticks all the boxes!
This is SO wrong yet so right, sit back, relax and listen to the melodious world of a Hospital Radio DJ (Ivan Brackenbury) as he plays dedications to his ailing patients.

WARNING - Contains highly amusing material



Monday, August 16, 2010

Week 31 & 32 of 52

I must say, I tip my hat to all those who complete a 365 challenge (photo a day). Having been busy with many other things I have not kept on top of my 52 challenge as I would like. Right now there is so much going on, yet at the same time nothing! Do you ever have those moments?

Anyway these are the latest offerings I have. For week 31, I had RAILWAY as the theme. I went down to a local train station and took some shots, but was not inspired. So I went on to another station, but still nothing excited me. Then on a quick day trip we came across a cool Olde Worlde train station, so I quickly snapped away.
Feeling much happier with the results from this occasion, I was able to complete this weeks challenge and breathe a sigh of relief.  Rather than just one image I ended up with two I really liked, but, there can be only one!
The chosen image can be found HERE

Week 31 - RAILWAY

This weeks challenge, (which now brings me up-to-date) is SCENIC. Again whilst out and about with a friend I managed to get what I needed for this particular challenge and some additional shots should I want to use them another time or for other things. Sadly my battery died and that ended the shoot, what I didn't realise until I arrived back home is I had my spare battery with me all along. The weather was nice which was great considering how awful it has been. It was also good to get away if only briefly, fresh air does help clear the mind ;)
The chosen image can be found HERE

Week 32 - SCENIC

Question: Just out of interest did anyone else not get the global memo about double spaces after full stops is no longer the done thing!?!

Friday, August 06, 2010

Week 29 & 30 of 52

I know, I know I'm really falling behind!  I have being trying to keep up with everything but sadly not got the motivation I need, I think the weather is partly to blame.
My week 29's theme is Summer, but I'm struggling to find anything 'summery', in fact, little except rain!  Sandra is online showing me her tan and here in the UK all I have to show is a cold, so not fair!

Being back is not what I thought it was going to be, for reasons I won't go in to.  But someone is determined to make my situation harder than it need be.  Not being able to move forward in my life is perhaps what's holding me back in my photography as I just aren't as inspired as I have been.  This MUST be resolved one way or another, luckily I have Sandra and some friends who have helped keep me sane (no easy task).

So I finally did get round to posting the images, they were already shot, I was simply unhappy with them as they didn't convey what I wanted or were of a quality I would like.
The chosen image can be seen HERE

Week 29 - SUMMER

Be afraid, be VERY afraid, as the theme for Week 30 is Fear!  This one was a little better because fear is pretty abstract.  It started with a few simple questions: what do people fear?   What am I afraid of?  What's the biggest fear in the world?  Then going to create an image that would embody those answers.
Heights, spiders, public speaking and clowns!!!  But maybe the sight of those things would be too fearful for my audience?!?
So a quick re-think.  Its fair to say most people fear death - they sure dont welcome it anyway.  The internet and technology is another big fear, so armed with these new ideas I set about creating my week's images. 
It certainly did get me being creative again as the winner of this week will show you.
The image can be seen HERE...    ...if you dare to look!

Week 30 - FEAR
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