Friday, August 27, 2010

Smile for the camera

I'm always keen to learn new things and push myself in some way. Typically it's in a creative role or experimenting in something 'free'. I don't work well with constraints and rules so much ;)
That's not to say I'm lazy, but I do prefer practise to theory and rarely read manuals.
I do love watching the likes of Gok Wan and especially his approach to 'natural women' and 'looking good naked'. The way he approaches the subject and people, what he accomplishes in a short time period and the shift in attitudes, all very clever and effective.

One thing he does, is he forces people to see themselves as they really are, and then learn to be comfortable with that realisation. Having clients in front of the camera is very similar, in so-much-as most people don't like having their photo taken for a multitude of reasons. Your comfort is key to me and I want to get you as comfortable as possible with the camera, so I can get those wonderful shots. 
I know its hard to relax and you judge yourselves, because I do it too. I'm not handsome, I have moles, I don't like my teeth, but that aside, I have a fun-loving personality as you will see in the next post, or a sneak peek can be seen by going to the newdawn photography site, and this is what I want to capture on camera, not your imperfections.

For those of you that know me, know I am tactile, crazy and emotive. This is carried over into my photography, I like to get a feel for the shots, my subjects to have fun, enjoy it and keep it fresh and organic. When I'm out on a photo-shoot I'm always looking for a WOW image, that one shot that really stands out, where all the pieces of the jigsaw fall into place; the location, the light, the subject, the expression, the angle etc.

So in my portfolio, I'm currently looking for boundaries to be pushed, creativity to flow and I'm experimenting in lots of different ways. I would like to get to shoot some extreme models and I would love to do a vintage photo-shoot at a 1950's train station, so if you're available or know of anyone, point them my way, or if you happen to know of a great location, email me ;)


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