Friday, August 06, 2010

Week 29 & 30 of 52

I know, I know I'm really falling behind!  I have being trying to keep up with everything but sadly not got the motivation I need, I think the weather is partly to blame.
My week 29's theme is Summer, but I'm struggling to find anything 'summery', in fact, little except rain!  Sandra is online showing me her tan and here in the UK all I have to show is a cold, so not fair!

Being back is not what I thought it was going to be, for reasons I won't go in to.  But someone is determined to make my situation harder than it need be.  Not being able to move forward in my life is perhaps what's holding me back in my photography as I just aren't as inspired as I have been.  This MUST be resolved one way or another, luckily I have Sandra and some friends who have helped keep me sane (no easy task).

So I finally did get round to posting the images, they were already shot, I was simply unhappy with them as they didn't convey what I wanted or were of a quality I would like.
The chosen image can be seen HERE

Week 29 - SUMMER

Be afraid, be VERY afraid, as the theme for Week 30 is Fear!  This one was a little better because fear is pretty abstract.  It started with a few simple questions: what do people fear?   What am I afraid of?  What's the biggest fear in the world?  Then going to create an image that would embody those answers.
Heights, spiders, public speaking and clowns!!!  But maybe the sight of those things would be too fearful for my audience?!?
So a quick re-think.  Its fair to say most people fear death - they sure dont welcome it anyway.  The internet and technology is another big fear, so armed with these new ideas I set about creating my week's images. 
It certainly did get me being creative again as the winner of this week will show you.
The image can be seen HERE...    ...if you dare to look!

Week 30 - FEAR


Em said...

You may not have been happy with them, but I like them a lot, especially Fear. Am very grateful there wasn't a giant spider taking up my screen, but I'm a pushover when it comes to B&W and graveyards, so they're cool.

Take encouragement from the fact that even without much motivation or subject matter, you can still pull off shots like this!

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