Monday, August 16, 2010

Week 31 & 32 of 52

I must say, I tip my hat to all those who complete a 365 challenge (photo a day). Having been busy with many other things I have not kept on top of my 52 challenge as I would like. Right now there is so much going on, yet at the same time nothing! Do you ever have those moments?

Anyway these are the latest offerings I have. For week 31, I had RAILWAY as the theme. I went down to a local train station and took some shots, but was not inspired. So I went on to another station, but still nothing excited me. Then on a quick day trip we came across a cool Olde Worlde train station, so I quickly snapped away.
Feeling much happier with the results from this occasion, I was able to complete this weeks challenge and breathe a sigh of relief.  Rather than just one image I ended up with two I really liked, but, there can be only one!
The chosen image can be found HERE

Week 31 - RAILWAY

This weeks challenge, (which now brings me up-to-date) is SCENIC. Again whilst out and about with a friend I managed to get what I needed for this particular challenge and some additional shots should I want to use them another time or for other things. Sadly my battery died and that ended the shoot, what I didn't realise until I arrived back home is I had my spare battery with me all along. The weather was nice which was great considering how awful it has been. It was also good to get away if only briefly, fresh air does help clear the mind ;)
The chosen image can be found HERE

Week 32 - SCENIC

Question: Just out of interest did anyone else not get the global memo about double spaces after full stops is no longer the done thing!?!


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