Sunday, August 22, 2010

Week 33 of 52

This weeks theme presented a new challenge for me, each week is a challenge in its own right but this one was special.  The theme was OBJECT, and to make it tougher I decided I could only use one object.  Typically I go out and shoot several variations on the theme and get something I like from one shot or another.  This time however having only one object to shoot made me have to be more creative with what little I had!
I wanted something I could do a variety of shots and angles with, and my love for colour was also a factor, so I thought about using a slinky!

When I was in Spain I looked for one, but no one really knew what I was after - they just laughed at the crazy English man.  Being back in the UK, a quick trip to the toy store and a pound later I had what I needed.  But rather than simply shooting the slinky I played with it a little and worked the abstract nature of it more, as I felt it made for more interesting images.

So here is the CHOSEN IMAGE

Week 33 - OBJECT


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