Thursday, September 30, 2010

Week 36 & 37 of 52

Well this one was the toughest weeks yet. Not in terms of subject matter, more the fact that my life was turned upside down with my long term girlfriend and I splitting up :(

I have so many things to say but better I say nothing, my mouth tends to get me into trouble - my head however is a mess, my heart destroyed! I wish I had a magic wand to fix everything but that wont work if only one person wants it, no matter how hard you wish - I learnt that before. So I needed space and some friends offered me some places to crash, but I dont like imposing, never have, but thank you for the offers folks. I did disappear to Brighton for a few days though - very cool place, kinda reminded me of Camden town, cool, funky, arty place. 

Anyway now I'm left with the decision as to where my life is going next - currently, no where fast, being refused jobs left right and centre, besides my intention was to return here and run my own business, and that already has become a costly choice, so silly to leave it now.

I just want to thank the friends who were there and who offered support. Once I have my mojo back, watch out world!!!

On with the images - click to see the chosen shots WEEK 36 and WEEK 37
Week 36 - Light

Week 37 - Man-Made

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The hunter and the bear

This is worthy of a mention, clever advertising on behalf of Tipp-ex.
Simple short film of a hunter and a bear and the joyous wonders they share together. At the end of the video you given an option choose either. You are then presented with ANY option you can think of to rewrite the story.
The Hunter uses the Tipp-ex to allow you to type any word in, and a short video plays using your chosen word, try it - but be aware you may not stop and you will laugh out loud, so dont do it at work!!

Some to start you off - Dances, Smiles, Pokes, Farts, Cooks, Moonwalk. See what you find and post them into the comments, there are loads ;)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Week 35 of 52

Autumn has arrived and in order to mark this the chosen subject for this week is AUTUMN.
Whilst heading off on this journey I had a good idea of where I wanted to go, as I hung out there as a kid. 20 years later though, much had changed. My old infant and junior schools have been demolished and replaced with a housing estate! In fact the whole area has changed quite a bit. There used to be an old tree at the bottom of the school fields, that has been removed. That tree was like a perished fossil of what used to be. The rumours were it had been struck by lighting and died on that very day - it was old, twisted and so iconic, we used to say that at Halloween ghosts would haunt it. It really did look like a hanged mans tree.
So a quick trip up to the Wrekin and the Ercall supplied me with plenty of opportunities for subject matter. There was a chance to catch three young deer but sadly they saw me before I saw them and they ran off into the distance. Anyway, I headed up into the woods taking shots of the various fields and animals as I went. Music playing in my ears, camera in hand, wind in my face, I trudged on. When I arrived at the base of the woods, my intention was to get lost - that way I get off the beaten track and hopefully find something more unusual than that you find along the footpath.

The colours of the trees are starting to change and perhaps I'm a little early as there is still more greens than browns around. Still it was nice to get out and stretch my legs get some fresh air. One thing I really enjoy about photography is it quietens my crazy head and gives me focus if only for a little while.
I hope you enjoy the images below the chosen shot for the week is HERE 

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