Saturday, September 11, 2010

Week 35 of 52

Autumn has arrived and in order to mark this the chosen subject for this week is AUTUMN.
Whilst heading off on this journey I had a good idea of where I wanted to go, as I hung out there as a kid. 20 years later though, much had changed. My old infant and junior schools have been demolished and replaced with a housing estate! In fact the whole area has changed quite a bit. There used to be an old tree at the bottom of the school fields, that has been removed. That tree was like a perished fossil of what used to be. The rumours were it had been struck by lighting and died on that very day - it was old, twisted and so iconic, we used to say that at Halloween ghosts would haunt it. It really did look like a hanged mans tree.
So a quick trip up to the Wrekin and the Ercall supplied me with plenty of opportunities for subject matter. There was a chance to catch three young deer but sadly they saw me before I saw them and they ran off into the distance. Anyway, I headed up into the woods taking shots of the various fields and animals as I went. Music playing in my ears, camera in hand, wind in my face, I trudged on. When I arrived at the base of the woods, my intention was to get lost - that way I get off the beaten track and hopefully find something more unusual than that you find along the footpath.

The colours of the trees are starting to change and perhaps I'm a little early as there is still more greens than browns around. Still it was nice to get out and stretch my legs get some fresh air. One thing I really enjoy about photography is it quietens my crazy head and gives me focus if only for a little while.
I hope you enjoy the images below the chosen shot for the week is HERE 


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