Thursday, September 30, 2010

Week 36 & 37 of 52

Well this one was the toughest weeks yet. Not in terms of subject matter, more the fact that my life was turned upside down with my long term girlfriend and I splitting up :(

I have so many things to say but better I say nothing, my mouth tends to get me into trouble - my head however is a mess, my heart destroyed! I wish I had a magic wand to fix everything but that wont work if only one person wants it, no matter how hard you wish - I learnt that before. So I needed space and some friends offered me some places to crash, but I dont like imposing, never have, but thank you for the offers folks. I did disappear to Brighton for a few days though - very cool place, kinda reminded me of Camden town, cool, funky, arty place. 

Anyway now I'm left with the decision as to where my life is going next - currently, no where fast, being refused jobs left right and centre, besides my intention was to return here and run my own business, and that already has become a costly choice, so silly to leave it now.

I just want to thank the friends who were there and who offered support. Once I have my mojo back, watch out world!!!

On with the images - click to see the chosen shots WEEK 36 and WEEK 37
Week 36 - Light

Week 37 - Man-Made


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