Saturday, October 16, 2010

Week 38 of 52

I really needed to get away, lots of things getting on top of me and certain people taking the opportunity to kick me whilst I was down, so I headed south to Brighton for a while.
Maybe its the sea air, the change of scenery or the company, but it felt better. As long as I can quieten the voices I'm OK.

Whilst in Brighton, I tried to focus more on my photography and keep active. Luckily there was a motor bike rally, so loads to see and do. It also gave me a chance to catch up on my 52, as I got candid shots and some specific images in one go.

I tried to get a wide variety of images, people, bikes, boats, cars, animals, landscapes - more for practise than anything else. I stood on the top of the promenade and shot down into the vast crowds trying to pick out interesting characters. I did manage to get some, but the one thing that was all too clear was how poor my 'cheap' lens is. I really need to replace this with a better one. I also want to upgrade my camera too as I think I have out grown this one, I will ask Santa really nicely ;)

As for the shots I'm happy with them, nice mix, good feel them I think. As yet I haven't chosen a winner, so feel free to offer your suggestions as to which deserves to be chosen and why.
I finally chose the one I thought is the best image click HERE

Week 38 - CANDID


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