Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Brain Freeze

Not being keen on early mornings, I arose from a warm snuggly duvet to the cold brisk air. My first thoughts, coffee! But not today, I couldn't. I wasn't allowed any stimulants before getting my brain scanned - insert any four lettered word here - *&^%!!

We arrived at the university for my scan, and that in itself made me feel like I was already being tested, like a rat in a maze. But we found the building and entered. I was greeted with various paperwork, then ushered into a small room. Whilst I continued filling out various forms and what not, the Doctor?, Scientist?, person in white coat, started attaching various leads to my head. Several part of my body had to be shaved, to ensure good contact was made with the cables for monitoring purposes. I remained calm on the outside but full of trepidation inside. Finally all the cords were attached and I headed down to the machine. At this point I looked like a futuristic rastafarian, as different coloured cables were coming out from my head and several body parts.

Once inside the room I saw the machine, and I was immediately warned that if I had ANY metal to remove it as it would act like a MISSILE once the machine was turned on - OK, if I wasn't panicking before, that did it. I quickly double and triple checked my body and pockets. Then once strapped into the machine I was asked to perform simple tests so they could see how I handled pressure etc. The machine was a little claustrophobic and very noisy. The tests took around 2 hours in total. Below you can see what they saw of my brain. Yes, I was surprised not to see a big empty space too.

The image below was not actually taken on the day and is an artists impression of what was expected to have been found. It turned out I'm normal, whatever that is?!?


Em said...

Really, the MOST impressive part of this is the fact that you successfully got out of bed at 7.30 a.m., made it to 11 a.m. without coffee but did manage actual conversation on the train to the uni! I was staggered!

It was curious to see little Mishiko or whatever her name was wandering the hallway outside the waiting room while you were being "done" - she had a permanently slightly perplexed look on her face, making me think she'd finally found some weird anomaly in your head and was wondering who she could tell without breaching confidentiality issues. Seeing as she didn't tell anyone there, I'm guessing the Daily Mail will be running a story (and the photos above) pretty soon! She's got to pay for her ticket back to Japan somehow!

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