Thursday, November 18, 2010

Brain Training

There was an ad placed recently on Gumtree to have your brain scanned - the study involves completing some simple computerised tasks during an MRI brain scanning while they monitor your bodily reactions (e.g. heart rate), then a day later, another that involved being connected to EEG brain monitoring equipment whilst you perform simple computer based tasks - of course I applied to both, and why not! The hardest part of these tests is the fact I cant drink coffee for 24 hours!!
Here are my psychological results from the second test: I'm a O76-C52-E79-A10-N71 Big Five!!

Not sure what that really says about me, but I think at this point, I'm too set in my ways. Maybe that's not a bad thing, at least you know what you're getting, most of the time. I do think I'm easily frustrated with myself, the world and life in general - then on other days I wake up and the world seems at peace with me. Do we all have this inner turmoil? Is it just those with artistic temperaments and middle aged women that have severe mood swings!? Or is this an effect of a bi-polar disorder?

Even as a kid, I always shot for the stars. I don't see it as a huge fault, yes, typically I get disappointed when I don't achieve what I want, but by the same token dreaming big doesn't phase me. Speaking to a stranger on the street or pushing for something I believe in has never been an issue, having said that, selling something I don't believe in has. I had a job when I was young selling 'rendition' perfumes that I just didn't buy into at all, and consequently couldn't sell them. But by the same token, I have done work that I believe in 100% and sold it with all my heart, sometimes getting frustrated when people didn't see what I saw.

Typically, I believe in people more than products (unless its Apple), I get pissed off that people aren't invested in enough. I have had the fortune to meet and work with some amazing talent, who are just crying out to be discovered or given a break. Having done; acting, magic and photography amongst other 'creative' jobs, I constantly see the same battles being fought for funding, training, assistance, guidance etc. To address this issue I am currently playing with the idea of starting a co-operative for photographers and looking at finding ways to make the industry more sexy instead of this insular entity that it currently appears to be. See, there I go again, trying to fix the world :/

The big question is: will you EVER be satisfied?!


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