Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Week 43 & 44 of 52

All change for Brighton please, all change! I am now here, in Brighton! So what's changed apart from the geography? Well, I'm now staying with a friend - Emma, I have a new 2.8L lens, I have hair and a beard and thanks to Hussian I now have a printed portfolio of my images - to promote to local businesses and potential clients. Hopefully my mojo will catch up soon and I will start feeling back on top.

To that end, I have being doing photo walks - just going out and about and taking photos of whatever catches my eye, some images were good whilst others turned out to be nothing of interest when I finally got home and reviewed them.

These photos have being mounting up slowly and now it's your chance to see them.
chosen images for these weeks are WEEK 43 & WEEK 44

I recently went to a photography workshop - which has potential to be worthwhile if developed further, but it was aimed a little low for me. What it did do however, was highlight what I already know is more than I thought ;)
I have a few plans in mind and when the time is right I will launch them. Right now I am looking at studio spaces, opportunities within venues and making use of the environment around me, oh and of course, global domination, all good things.....

....anyhoo. There was a car rally last weekend with vintage cars travelling from London to Brighton which appears to have been going for some years now (the annual event that is, not the race). It was good to see some of the older cars coughing and spluttering along, their metal parts glistening in the sun, the drivers wrapped up warm donning various driving goggles. The sad part came when we (the spectators) were forced to stay behind barriers and could only view them from afar. I like to get up close and personal - to take detail shots, luckily I had my zoom lens, but that's not the point - the good old biker boys let us get close without any problems!? As a result, the images I got I'm not terribly impressed with at all :(

As I didn't get shots I wanted to use and the theme was NUMBERS, I hope you like what I have in store for you - eyes down...
Week 44: NUMBERS


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