Saturday, November 13, 2010

Week 45 of 52

I am in a strange place right now, no I don't mean Brighton, although.....! I don't know why but my head and heart are at battle with each other. Since the split with Sandra I have found it hard to know what I'm feeling, pretty much about anything. They claim that it takes a month for every year you were together to heal - not sure that's right, some days it feels so raw others are fine and I'm still floundering around for answers which never come :(

My aims and aspirations are moving forward but not as I would like, but then I never did set my standards low. Emma and I, walked around several cafes and bars and quite a few are willing to hold a viewing of my work, which is nice. Now I just need to pick the images I think are best, have the widest appeal (with a view to selling them) and then hope this helps get my name out and push my work forward. I personally feel my photography hasn't moved on much for a while now. I am seeking various photography positions and opportunities to help change this - one of which is photographing inside nightclubs, not great but its work (at least for now).

OK enough chatter, onto the week - I had GRAFFITI as my theme, and Brighton being Brighton didn't let me down, almost any quiet street you go down there is Graffiti. I mean that in a positive way. To me, graffiti is art not tagging (just writing your name on the wall) - I think you would agree that the folks images below have a real talent for art and very creative. I liked the Chess image but the fear in the eyes did it for me, I just loved that comic styling :)
You can check out my chosen image HERE
I lay no claim to the artwork used within this theme - and as such I haven't copy-written any of the images. 



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