Monday, November 29, 2010

Week 46 of 52

Yet again time is going faster than my little size 9s can take me, as the weeks seem to blend together and I find myself a week behind yet again!

As I mentioned in my last post I had attempted to do some night photography, of which I was unhappy with. So I decided to take the time to do it tonight and make the most of it. So armed with everything except a pair of gloves I set off. Gloves turned out to be the one thing I needed most as it was bitterly cold. I met Emma out of work and she bared the freezing cold with me whilst I trekked around looking for images of interest.

Having been out before I had a rough idea of some shots I wanted to improve upon, so I got those and also worked on some light trails and shots of light reflections on the ocean, these were new and something I wanted to play with for a while. Sunday nights are not the best time to get loads of traffic so took quite sometime to get at least a shot I was happy with even if it wasnt what I wanted overall.

Anyway, these images I am more impressed with and I felt that the night, even though cold, was worthwhile. With each press of the shutter my fingers got number until my battery died and I could call it a night. On the way home as a reward we nipped into a bar for hot mulled wine, YUMMY!!!
I hope you like the images - chosen image can be seen HERE


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