Friday, December 24, 2010

Week 50 of 52

I know, I know - I'm yet again behind on this project. But with good reason, I'm busy putting together certain things for my future business, such as: business plans, website 2.0 and looking for studio premises.
This is a theme I have been itching to do it for quite sometime. The concept was based on a Bryan Peterson idea. Well, this was the moment I got to finally do it.
The theme was LETTERS. Everywhere around us we are faced with letters. Words from signs, logos, directions, warnings, information, names - so I was hardly short of opportunity to find them. The one thing I wanted to do on this challenge was try to find different and interesting letters and shapes. Luckily Brighton is full of weird and wonderful Typography.

Given that I was behind I took several hours yesterday to shoot the whole alphabet from various locations around the town. I did plan on doing two alphabets one using proper letters and the other using abstract letters made from windows, doors and fences etc. But that would take more than a few hours. I will construct that version next year ;)

Week 50 - LETTERS
Letters from home

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Week 48 & 49 of 52

Wow this 52 has been much tougher than I ever thought. Im not sure I will do this again for at least another year. By which time I hope my photography will have improved slightly more, time will tell ;)

As I am behind and lighting is awful currently I have suffered to find something worthwhile and still lacking motivation somewhat. To make matters slightly worse I seem to have developed an issue with my shoulder/back - not too sure what it is but it is very tender to the slightest touch, yet not so painful when pressed? Also today I felt what seemed like a very hot needle being inserted into my back, there wasn't, that is unless someone has a voodoo doll of me!?

I had a few more images I could have used for this theme, but I felt they weren't good enough, so I went with a few stronger images rather than adding weaker ones just for the sake of it.I am sure if I took longer I could come up with something better, but im happy with the few shots I have.
Emma and I went for a hike (and a proper hike it was) up to the Jack and Jill windmills in the South Downs. Sadly the Jack windmill is on private land and cannot be accessed, having said that Jack is quite a dilapidated windmill
unlike Jill. So I happily snapped away at Jill while I looked for interesting angles and shapes to shoot.  

Both the chosen images for these weeks can be seen HERE & HERE
Week 48 - Mechanical

This theme was easier to do as it embodies more possibilities and allowed me to practise my landscape shots a little more too. Luckily the weather has been quite mixed of late, so I have managed to get some diverse, and what I think, interesting shots.
Week 49 - Distant

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Ho, Ho, Ho, Ho, Ho, Ho...

I awoke a little late, and forced myself to climb out from under my warm duvet. I was already late, and it was getting later, as I dashed around collecting my camera gear - whilst drinking a cup of coffee to wake me up. Today was the day I would see Santa! Well multiple Santas in fact. This was the morning of the Brighton Santa Dash 2010.

It was kind of surreal to see so many Santas in one place and even stranger was the fact they were running a 5k race, for fun!?! Due to my late arrival I never managed to get any portrait shots I was hoping for, so I focussed on getting some action shots instead.

The turnout to support the red and white suited wonders was little scarce which was a shame, in fact only one of the reindeer turned up. Anyway the winner of the race did it in 17:57 and well done to him ;)
I thought it bad form to take shots of faces as red as their suits as they crossed the finish line, although some seemed to be enjoying it far too much, and one even crossed the finish line with his car keys in-hand, did he really run or do Santa suits not have pockets!?

Enjoy the images of the many faces of Santa

Friday, December 10, 2010

Week 47 of 52

A bit of business before I get down to my 52 week project. My Macbook suffered its first (and hopefully only) malfunction last week - the graphics card started playing up. So I took it into the nice people at the Apple store and they checked it out, only to find no problem. Typical it works when you don't want it too.

I returned home, and for a while, maybe a day, it worked fine then started playing up again. This time I managed to get screen-shots to show them, just in case. So I took it back showed them the issues and they said they would take it in for repair - parts and labour cost was to be £350!!! After a little gulp to myself, he then added "which of course we will waiver as you have had no problems before, looked after your mac" and "its a nice thing to do". I paused with baited breathe, did my ears deceive me!??!
Now I am a huge advocate of Apple, but really this takes customer service to a whole new level. They did indeed fix the problem by replacing the part and did it within 4 days - now THAT'S service, oh, and they smiled about it too :)

What else have I been up to in the past week? Well, we had a HUGE snowstorm, more on that later, and I had my second brain scan, which was fun.
The first part of this scan involved seeing how you react emotionally to movie scenes such as Forest Gump, Dead Poets, Blair Witch and American History X amongst others. Then a series of questions needed to be completed, boring!!!  But the cool thing was, seeing how you brain waves were affected by tension and relaxation (gritting your teeth or closing your eyes) - very cool!!
Only problem is you looked a little weird, this is how I think I looked, I might be wrong, there was no mirror.

On with the 52... I mentioned before there had been a snowstorm. Now when I say this you may think it snowed a little? A faint frosting perchance? NO! IT REALLY SNOWED! In fact I had never seen snow like this in the UK before. But this did give me the perfect opportunity to play my WINTER card for my 52. Everywhere was covered in several inches of snow. Trains had stopped running, the country had ground to a complete stop, it was that bad!
So armed with my camera I set off the get some wintry shots.

The problem I soon found was few places were accessible. My bottom of my jeans had frozen and became like cardboard - you could quite literally knock on them. But I persevered and managed to go for a stupidly long walk along the coastline towards Peacehaven. I took several shots along the way and got what I hoped would be the winner for the week. On the way back the sun had gone down and the temperature had plummeted. So rather than walk back, I made my way for one of the few running buses. After about 40 minutes one pulled up, I jumped on frozen, the driver obviously in good spirits then refused to take my £20, saying "it wasn't allowed" and told me to get off the bus - if only Apple ran buses!?!
So I decided I would walk back after all, but it was bitter cold and my toes were numb (well I think they were, I couldn't feel them). Along came another bus and this time the driver had no issues whatsoever!? hmmm, some people!
Chosen image for the week can be seen HERE
Week 47 - WINTER
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