Saturday, December 11, 2010

Ho, Ho, Ho, Ho, Ho, Ho...

I awoke a little late, and forced myself to climb out from under my warm duvet. I was already late, and it was getting later, as I dashed around collecting my camera gear - whilst drinking a cup of coffee to wake me up. Today was the day I would see Santa! Well multiple Santas in fact. This was the morning of the Brighton Santa Dash 2010.

It was kind of surreal to see so many Santas in one place and even stranger was the fact they were running a 5k race, for fun!?! Due to my late arrival I never managed to get any portrait shots I was hoping for, so I focussed on getting some action shots instead.

The turnout to support the red and white suited wonders was little scarce which was a shame, in fact only one of the reindeer turned up. Anyway the winner of the race did it in 17:57 and well done to him ;)
I thought it bad form to take shots of faces as red as their suits as they crossed the finish line, although some seemed to be enjoying it far too much, and one even crossed the finish line with his car keys in-hand, did he really run or do Santa suits not have pockets!?

Enjoy the images of the many faces of Santa


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