Friday, December 24, 2010

Week 50 of 52

I know, I know - I'm yet again behind on this project. But with good reason, I'm busy putting together certain things for my future business, such as: business plans, website 2.0 and looking for studio premises.
This is a theme I have been itching to do it for quite sometime. The concept was based on a Bryan Peterson idea. Well, this was the moment I got to finally do it.
The theme was LETTERS. Everywhere around us we are faced with letters. Words from signs, logos, directions, warnings, information, names - so I was hardly short of opportunity to find them. The one thing I wanted to do on this challenge was try to find different and interesting letters and shapes. Luckily Brighton is full of weird and wonderful Typography.

Given that I was behind I took several hours yesterday to shoot the whole alphabet from various locations around the town. I did plan on doing two alphabets one using proper letters and the other using abstract letters made from windows, doors and fences etc. But that would take more than a few hours. I will construct that version next year ;)

Week 50 - LETTERS
Letters from home


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