Thursday, April 14, 2011

Urbex: Alexandra Children's Hospital

This morning I found myself awake at 8:30am ready to head out to do some urban exploration photography of the old abandoned children's hospital on Dyke Road, the weird things we do for pleasure and exploration.

The Royal Alexandra Hospital for Sick Children was opened by the Prince and Princess of Wales in 1881. It remained in use for more than a century before being replaced by a new building at the main Royal Sussex County Hospital site. The new facility opened in June 2007, and has won architectural awards for its innovative design.

The same could not be said for what remained at the old site. It is simply a vandalised shell of its former self. The rooms; bare, graffitied, vandalised and rotting, made for some uninspiring shots - so I focussed more on the fixtures and fitting. The ghosts of the building milling around you as you crunch your way through glass encrusted floors, shimmers of light break through the citex, allowing only a glimpse of what may be inside the room.

Security was onsite but posed no obvious threat as I made my way through each of the rooms. Whilst I looked around trying to understand what each room was, how it connected with the others and what it would have been like in its former glory, I also wondered why people pointlessly destroy so much, and how easily we turn our backs on the old for new. After about an hour I had seen all there was to see and made my way out, leaving only footprints behind - at least I hope so!

More of my Urbex exploits can be seen on Flickr when I visited Lillesden School for Girls and Fullers Earth Works - enjoy :)
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