Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Sh, sh, sh, sh, Shutter Rock

Last weekend was the first Shutter Rock gathering and promo photoshoot. What a gathering it turned out to be. Spearheaded by Gary Marshall (aka Marshall Gray) and Jaz Ampaw Farr, we met at Brighton Pier on a cloudy, chilly, rain at moment, Sunday morning - did that dampen our spirits? No! We were too engrossed with each other and what we were doing to notice.

"So this little shoot was inspired by those influences and discussions I had with Jazla (Jaz Ampaw Farr) who is the maverick supergal dynamo founder of Shutterrock UK. Sometimes in life you come across the kind of rare individual whose zest for life shows in everything they do. This kind of person puts their whole self on the table and keeps nothing back in reserve. It’s like they either do life 100% or not at all. This takes an enormous amount of trust and vulnerability on that persons behalf. They lay themselves open for life’s snipers maybe more so than the rest of us. We have to take care of these special folk in my book." 
source: Marshall Gray's website  

I couldn't have put it any better myself, the energy that Jaz has is infectious and she has a great way of bringing you along for the ride, Gary was lead photographer with this shoot as we followed his lead. I noticed he is a very considered photographer and very much fits the part, he looked at ease directing and shooting - not to mention his cool cockney accent.

What was great from my point of view was all the talent I was surrounded by and lack of egos, lack of kit envy, lack of attitude - we all just seemed to exist in the moment and I think that's what Shutter Rock is all about. "The Grumpies", as Dane Sanders calls them, were obviously not present at this shoot and I dont think Shutter Rock is for them - but this new wave of social friendly, open sourced, sharing driven, photography community is going to be huge, it IS the way forward.

To me, Shutter Rock is kind of a much needed movement, to some it's a community, to others it's a reflection of the industry and however you see it, it's a positive step forward and can be what you want it to be, the only requirement is to get involved.

There is a going to be a HUGE photography event in November as details emerge I will of course keep you informed. In the meantime join the Facebook group and check out the WEBSITE. Smaller events are planned throughout the UK so its worth seeing if anything is happening in your area.

Whatever you choose - DO WHAT YOU LOVE, LOVE WHAT YOU DO!

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Finding Mojo

While I was away in Spain, a lot of camera-related activities took place in Brighton - festivals, workshops, photowalks and it felt like I had really missed out. I needn't have worried. There is such a buzz right now with photography that everywhere I look or turn, I find something happening. If you're into photography but not familiar with the Brighton scene, here are a few things you should check out:-

Nadine Burzler - Nadine is doing some great personal projects such as Instragram walks and Polaroid in the Park - she's very bubbly and looks set to go far with several additional ideas in the pipeline.

Stewart Weir has teamed up with David Freeman (no relation), to host Chameleon Phototours, planning to take groups to such diverse places as the Lake District and Barcelona. More details on the tours can be found on Stewart's website.

Fotothon - a great little idea, with big potential. It's a photographic quest which will take place on Saturday June 11th 2011 from noon till 5pm. Participants will be given 10 clues or hints and they'll have 5 hours to scour Brighton for photographic opportunities which interpret those clues in any way they see fit. There will be prizes for the best overall winner as well as in individual categories.

ShutterRock - a fantastic online sharing community, helping to shape the face of photography and very much NOW - if you need an invite to the group let me know :)

Photography 121 - a wonderful podcasts by Stephen Cotterell in which he interviews photographers and talks about their personal experiences on their photographic journeys.

Add the Colour - a popular photography haunt and coffee shop, where photographers can display their work. The MINICLICK talks are also held here, once a month.

Eclectia Gallery - a local gallery/studio based at Brighton Marina. Current plans include running studio-based workshops and the opportunity to hire their studio space which has recently been upgraded thanks to sponsorship from The Flash Centre.
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